Benelli m4 trigger

Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 Columns: 1 2 3 4 6. Out Of Stock. Mesa Truckee Benelli M4 Forend 8. Add to Cart. Emanuele peri Options. The Benelli M4 is the gold standard of autoloading combat shotguns. Although rugged, reliable, and popular the world over with military, law enforcement and civilian personnel, the M4 has seen very little in the way of innovation and upgrades since its Benelli factory parts are a great way to repair or upgrade your favorite Benelli.

These parts are manufactured to the same exacting specifications that have made Benellis known for reliability in adverse conditions. This quality craftsmanship ensures This extension will only fit Benelli M1 and M2 shotguns.

Benelli M2 & M4 Tactical Semi Automatic Shotguns for Law Enforcement

This stock assembly is a great addition to any Benelli tactical M3 or Supernova shotgun. Please note that the action tube may The new First of its kind, ambidextrous sling attachment designed for the Benelli Shotgun. First of its kind, ambidextrous sling attachment designed for the Benelli M4 Shotgun.

benelli m4 trigger

For Right Handed Shooter.With this package, you'll receive all the following items to upgrade your Benelli M4. Wolff feed spring. Mag tube is fashioned from certified 3AL Rated capacity up to seven rounds in the tube matching its military counterpart. Including the finish covered above, we are also pleased to offer a full spectrum of finish options, including the skilled application of industry renowned Cerakote, representing the pinnacle of firearms coating technologies, far surpassing mere paint.

This option enables you to match the Tactical presentation of any Benelli M4 variant mag tube being replaced, with the enhanced durability of ceramic based heat cured coatings.

We could cut corners and only offer our mechanically applied "Permanent Finish Process" or "Bright Polish", but why forsake the purist who appreciates the incognito upgrade Cerakote treated Titanium affords? Independent field trials routinely demonstrate Cerakote's superiority to their chief competitors Gun Kote and Duracote.

While the process is more expensive, our component production has been streamlined in recent years thanks to continued customer loyalty, enabling "carriercomp" to absorb materials and coatings cost increases thus maintaining our enduring low price.

Click To Enlarge. Premium Finshes Including the finish covered above, we are also pleased to offer a full spectrum of finish options, including the skilled application of industry renowned Cerakote, representing the pinnacle of firearms coating technologies, far surpassing mere paint. Quick Search Advanced Search.

Our Products Benelli Super All rights reserved.When purchasing our rifles, we will require a copy of a FFL for the firearm to be shipped to, and any other specifics necessary to the build. No coupon codes or discount codes are valid on firearm or gunsmithing packages. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For more information go to www. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. At the time they didn't have any gunsmithing options for the m4 listed on their website but a phone call to their customer service line was all it took to get the ball rolling.

I don't recall how long after ordering my John Wick Combat Master it was when I bought the M4, but they both were ready to ship back to me at the same time. I finally took my Benelli M4 to the range yesterday and impressed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.

Freedom Fighter Tactical Benelli M4 Upgrades

It is without question the finest semi auto shotgun I've ever fired and makes a great companion to my John Wick Combat Master, which is also a fantastic gun by the way. Taran Tactical Innovations can definitely expect more business from me in the future.

See 5 more pictures. Pistol Grip Traditional Stippled Stock. Only supports documents and images. Maximum file size: MB. Out of Stock. Buy in bulk and save. Complete package build includes: - Lightened Bolt Carrier.

Enter your name: optional Enter the code below:. Find Similar Products by Category Firearms. Related Products. Customers also viewed.Benelli has been producing some of the world's best shotguns since their founding in In lateBenelli introduced the U.

TTI Benelli M4

It happens to be the current general-issue combat shotgun of the United States Marine Corps. Not only does the U. No longer dependent only on inertia, the user can now add needed accessories without fear of over loading the weight balance.

ARGO also means that the M4 has the ability to instantly self-adjust to everythingfrom a standard 2. The safety button located at the top rear of the trigger guard on the Benelli M4 shotgun is ambidextrous. An exaggerated bolt handle reduces stumbling under stress. The bolt-release button is small enough to be unobtrusive, but large enough to find and activate without delay.

To help manage the speed and recoil, Benelli added a pistol grip to its stock that allows for fast handling. The front and rear sight combine in a three-dot pattern with tritium as an option. The M4 comes in several configurations, including variations with standard, skeletonized collapsible, and pistol-gripped stocks. However, arguably the best is the M4 H2O Tactical. Regarded as one of the best firearm coatings on the market today, the Titanium Cerakote finish on the Benelli M4 H2O Tactical is proven to protect it from salt spray corrosion, even at elevated temperatures.

Benelli has gone through extensive testing to show the true durability and protection the Cerakote finsih provides. After 3, hours of continuous salt spray at degree Fahrenheit chamber all Cerakote-coated panels proved to have no-corrosion. However, the bolt is coated in a black Cerakote finish. In addition to the exterior coatings, crucial internal components are also coated, further enhancing the M4's corrosion resistance and durability.

An exaggerated bolt handle that reduces stumbling. Ambidextrous safety button.The Benelli M4 is arguably the greatest semiautomatic tactical shotgun in existence. Like it or leave it, the gun runs like a scalded dog. The gun just works, and better than most.

benelli m4 trigger

Freedom Fighter Tactical is a company focused on taking perfection to the next level. The Benelli comes from the factory…restricted. Owning a stock m4 is almost like owning a Ferrari but never driving faster than the speed limit.

The main concerns most want to address are the magazine tube and the small size of the controls. I wanted to take it one step further and replace the forend—I wanted to gun to be as ergonomic, strong, and reliable as possible.

Setting up your M4 for the range, or for 3 Gun competition, or even the battlefield has been simplified by the folks at Freedom Fighter Tactical. They spell out in plain English what part combinations are needed to stay R compliant and provide simple instructions detailing how to install the parts they sell. The Full-length steel tube installed with minimal effort. A little heat and a lot of strength and it was a done deal.

Its construction is impressive; this tube could serve as a weapon in its own right. It comes in a zinc phosphate finish but is available in other materials such as titanium and with finishes such as NP3.

The R compliant Forend follows the same lines as the stock forend. It is nearly identical. However it is made of higher-grade glass filled nylon that is superior in strength to the stock forend. It is almost over-sized and gives a better fit than the stock forend or other aftermarket forend options. Just pull the bolt back slightly and depress the face. The old charging handle slides out and the new one pops right in.

To say this handle offers more charging surface is an understatement. It is like moving from a studio apartment into a mansion. Charging the weapon is transformed from a mildly painful action to an effortless slight of hand. The Cost break down may inspire sticker shock in those used to imported AR parts.

The Benelli M4 – The King of Combat Shotguns

For a serious shotgunner, there is no more reasonable option. Take the plunge. Order the parts. They make other tactical shotgun gear, and swag, and they also offer products built for the Benelli M1 Super 90 and M2. All in all the enhancements offered by Freedom Fighter Tactical are worth the price tag, and easily perfect the Benelli M4. Most people end up sanding down one end of the forend to allow the barrel to fully seat, however FFT should step up and address the issue by reworking their molds instead of expecting their customers to have to perform modifications on a new part.

Nice upgrades for people stuck with issues on newer guns. If your going to stay proficient with your scattergun, buy a M-3 Convertible. Action can be changed from SA to pump and back in a nano second. Others: not so much. No upgrades and no parts failures. I love the M4 and appreciate the article, but it needs edited.By Trampas Swanson. Continued from: Benelli M4 Shotgun Review. I worked well but with it being plastic and non-factory spec, it looked like a cow wearing shoes.

All this is directly attributed to what is known in the firearms industry as simply the R compliance code. So just what does the R refer to with our goal of turning the civilian M4 into our personal M? The best answer I have found to date comes from our friends at Freedom Fighter Tactical with the following:. However, there is a way around this, as stated above and as defined by federal law and the ATF. How we achieve this is as follows: We must replace a total of three imported parts on our Benelli M4 with American made parts in order to increase the capacity of the magazine.

We cannot choose any four parts we wish. The ATF and federal law give us a specific list of parts to choose from. This is not by any means necessary to make the improvements but offers great protection against future decisions turning against you. Getting back on track, we now stand at knowing there must be four parts replaced on our Benelli M4 to turn it into our M project.

Right off the bat, we know numbers are out of the question due to a lack of these parts being made here in the US. In other words, realistically, we have our choices narrowed down to seven. For these parts, there is a short but very distinguished list of companies to choose from, which produce high quality replacement parts here in the States. I started by reaching out to none other than the company I consider the foremost expert on Benelli M4 upgrades, Freedom Fighter Tactical.

This company can easily be your one stop shop for R compliance parts in regard to the Benelli M4 shotgun. One of my favorite parts from their catalogue is the full-length magazine tube. Anyone who has ever spent quality time shouldering the M4 will quickly recognize this sort of leap in front end weight reduction as a huge blessing!

Once in my work shop, I stripped Benelli M4 receiver, firmly locked it down in a padded vise and applied constant heat via heat gun to the factory magazine tube.

After approximately 10 minutes, I was able to slowly unscrew the magazine tube from the receiver by breaking the factory Loctite glue from its threads. Installing the Freedom Fighter Tactical tube was simply a matter of cleaning the receiver thoroughly from any residual glue, lightly coating the treads of the new part and firmly screwing it into its new home. I look at this next upgrade as the home run swing.However, after many years of wanting and waiting I finally pulled the trigger and bought one of my dream gunsthe Benelli M4.

I had fired the Benelli M4 just a bit in the Marine Corps. It was just a familiarization fire, not active training, but I fell I love with the gun.

Benelli M4

The M4 was developed because the Marines wanted a semi-auto shotgun they could attach optics to. Specifically, they wanted the ability to attach night vision optics to the gun. These optics are typically larger and heavier than your traditional day optic. Benelli made their name on their inertia driven guns. The M4 was their first gas-operated gun and it was purpose-built.

The downside to inertia guns is that when you apply weight to them they are prone to malfunction. Gas operated guns have no such problem. The ARGO system uses two pistons that directly impact the bolt to cycle the weapon. The gas is drawn from further down the barrel than most and this results in a cleaner and hotter gas. The cleaner gas means less fouling and less likely the gun is going to malfunction after hundreds or even thousands of rounds.

The biggest benefit to the ARGO system is the reliability it offers semiauto shotguns. The Benelli M4 set a standard that a lot of companies have only recently reached in the name of quality and reliability. When the Benelli M4 premiered 20 years ago it changed the game. It showed the effectiveness of semi-auto combat shotguns. Gas-operated guns can be a little finicky. To illustrate my point the new Mossberg JM Pro was recently bragging that it has a cleaning interval of 1, rounds.

Better yet, the gun is built for military operations. This means the gun is designed to operate in the worst conditions possible. The Benelli M4 comes in a few different configurations. This includes a fixed stock with pistol grip, a fixed straight stock, and a fixed version of their collapsible stock model. The collapsible stock and 8 round tube model are available to LEO and to those willing to fulfill the R requirements to make it so.

Additionally, the gun is equipped with a durable set of ghost ring iron sights that make the use of slugs very accurate out to yards. With buckshot its quite precise and easy to get on target as well. Buckshot is a little more forgiving, but the ghost ring sights keep it precise with loads like 00 Flitecontrol. The front sight is AR-style and quick and easy to pick up.

The forend is long enough for a variety of shooters to obtain a good grip. The loading gate is nice and wide and this makes loading rounds quite easy. The Benelli M4 I have has the fixed faux collapsible stock and it provides an excellent cheek weld. You can get right behind the sights and comfortably let off your most powerful shotgun loads without the pain of a typical collapsing stock. Speaking of, shooting this thing is a dream. The ARGO system does a great job of reducing recoil and keeping the gun nice and comfortable.

The gun offers a very light recoil, especially if you start blazing away rapidly. Speaking of, the gun cycles extremely fast and you can throw five rounds out before the first shell hits the ground.

benelli m4 trigger

Well, you can once you get a little trigger time in. The ghost ring sights make putting both buckshot and slugs on target very precisely. With a normal shotgun load a bead does perfectly fine, but if you use slugs or even Federal FliteControl loads the ghost ring sights really allow you to reach out and precisely hit a target.