Carmin micro bubbler

OxyTurbine development department E-mail: info oxyturbine. PayPal: info oxyturbine. The exporter of the products covered by this document declares that, except where otherwise, clearly indicated, these products are of Slovenia Europe preferential origin. OxyTurbine represents a family of innovative and ecological products in the field of water or liquid aeration. The primary advantage of this product is a rotating turbine aerator having no internal moving parts.

As the turbine rotates beneath the surface, it pushes atmospheric air into the water or liquid after first shearing the air into microscopic bubbles. This revolutionary product falls into the class of aerators known as Self-Aspirating aerators sometimes referred to as Self-Suction Aerators. More details of this state-of-the-art, highly efficient and an Eco-friendly aerator can be viewed at oxyturbine.

The revolutionary OxyTurbine aerator boasts the following advantages: β€” No internal moving parts β€” Does not roil or stir up the bottom of the pond or lagoon. Due to its design, efficiency, portability, and performance, our self-aspirating OxyTurbine is equally at home in aquaculture settings. But you can apply it on horticulture, irrigation lagoons, golf course ponds, municipal waste treatment plants, stock ponds, lake ways and coves, confined animal feedlot waste lagoons, and black water pits, to name a few.

We continually conduct ongoing research in a constant effort to improve the performance of the aerator. It is used even in the Food industry soy, cane sugar, palm oil, paper, rice, slaughterhouse….

Create tiny air bubbles making it appear as if an underwater cloud is being formed no matter the type of liquid. The OxyTurbine is excellent for water quality improvement because it can efficiently remove harmful gasses in the water by replacing such gasses with dissolved oxygen. The dissolved oxygen is dispersed throughout the lagoon by the powerful circulation ability of the turbine. Samsung g920i repair firmware OxyTurbine air impeller draws in, mixes, and diffuses the atmospheric air in its internal chamber.

It then discharges this air in the form of micro and fine bubbles into the surrounding water. All of these activities take place in a single cycle of operation in the water. The turbine in effect performs the concurrent functions of an air pump, a water pump, and a diffuser.

Because the OxyTurbine creates a low-pressure zone in its inner chamber, it can operate by injecting air into water and not the other way around.BoxTarpon Springs, FL Fax Ceramic Diffusers. Storage Bags. Green Lights. Bilge Pumps. Low Pressure Air Diffuser.

Places To Purchase. One of the simplest ways to dissolve oxygen in water is to introduce the oxygen as small bubbles. The smaller the bubbles the more efficient the absorption of oxygen. Micro-bubble oxygen diffusers produces a cloud of extremely fine bubbles - to microns.

This is much finer than graphite or carborundum diffusers, or porous hose. Our diffusers uses an ultra fine pore ceramic plate which ensures uniform bubbles across its entire surface.

The ceramic is a clean and inert material. A quality diffuser is extremely important. Any lesser quality diffuser will produce larger bubbles and consume more oxygen.

They are ideal when a 12 volt source is not available. Multiple diffusers can be used with one regulator to feed multiple livewells. Our oxygen diffusers requires a regulator with a minimum of lbs of output pressure. As a general rule, small bubbles remain in contact with water longer to provide maximum transfer efficiency of your oxygen supply.

In a ceramic diffuser, these bubbles are created by tightening the ceramic pores. As the bubbles created by the tighter ceramic pores become smaller and smaller, there is a point that oxygen bubbles reduce their efficiency to be absorbed into the water. The Dynamic Wet Pressure of the bubble pores increase with the smaller bubbles and efficiency of the oxygen bubbles are reduced. K eep A live Diffusers operate at an optimum pressure to provide a balance between Dynamic Wet Pressure and bubble efficiency in livewells.

Download Video of KA Features and Benefits. The KA is one of the most efficient diffusers on the market.

carmin micro bubbler

It uses less gas and requires fewer diffusers to achieve the same results. The diffuser is attached to the bottom with 3 suction cups.I've been seeing a lot of info about microbubbles lately.

These bubbles are being used for many applications ranging from cleaning polluted water to washing both pets and people without the use of soap or detergents. Anyone have any ideas how to do this DIY without having to pay thousands for these devices? At one time ultrasonic generators used magneto-restriction to dimensionally change a metallic object and create these microbubble.

A circuit is included below. Reply 6 years ago. Maybe sand in a filter bag so it can not leak out. Put that in a can with holes to pass air. Place in water blow air into sand. The diameter of the bubbles in the foam upon occurrence refers to the small bubbles of about 50 microns or less the number of micrometers to in general.

For example, the thickness of human hair diameter it is about 70 micrometers, and that of a microbubbles is still smaller than the thickness of a human hair. Collection of microbubbles in liquid form can be seen in hazy white color.

As I understand it, one would need a tube with a porous section in it. This would run within a second section of tube with seals at either end such that the porous section of the first tube would be within an annular chamber. Compressed gas would be fed into the annular chamber whilst your working fluid is pumped through the inner tube. That is the easy bit. The bubble size is going to depend primarily I think on the pore size of the porous section. This in turn will probably dictate the range of the gas pressure required.

It will be a bit of a juggling act but with a bit of thought and a lathe it should be possible to put something together. The porous section of tube might be a first hurdle. A quick doodle:. I have heard of using microbubbles and microcapsules in medical applications and as a colouring additive in paints but not for cleaning.

For the cases I know of there is no simple way of making these yet. The problem is that the forces on that level are very difficult to control and require specialised techniques and equipment to allow production of stable spheres. I know people who do research in the area but they are of course not allowed to talk about the methods they use.

I imagine using some kind of extremely fine emulsion polymerisation using a monomer with both polar and non polar ends maybe in a ultrasonic bath to minimise the emulsion might create a sphere of suitable size.

carmin micro bubbler

Adjusting it for a specific application or functionality might be an additional hurdle. Sorry I can't be of further help. Reply 8 years ago. Follow Posted by sykoshingo. Tags: microbubble. Reply Upvote. John Warr 7 years ago. FoolishSage 8 years ago. Thank you for your assistance. It sheds some light on what I might be possible. Thanks again.We provide highly efficient solutions for aeration to lower treatment costs and improve water quality.

With our state-of-the-art technology, we empower those responsible for managing our most valuable shared resource. We back our system by a performance guarantee like none other.

Our technology can be used in ponds, lakes, tanks, commercial pools, farming, irrigation and much more. Treat your water your way. We offer customized aeration solutions β€” from in-pipe re aeration to lake and lagoon depths to activated sludge and aerobic digestion β€” capable of instantaneously increasing dissolved oxygen when and where you want it. Water and Wastewater treatment operations face increasing regulations and related cost. Our technology offers enhanced operational performance and savings while meeting new regulations and permits.

Gas Transfer Efficiency. Cost Effective. Ultra-fine bubble can be applied in a wide range of industries, saving companies both energy and cost. In an ever-changing world requiring the best of aeration technology, gas delivery and comprehensive solution look no further than ultra-fine bubbles.

Discover the future. We are a multi-disciplinary entity with the most advanced equipment that is committed to focussed and efficient use of nano bubbles. Our solutions. Results Orientated β€” Ensures maximum yield. Highest Efficiency β€” Brings out the highest potential out. Jellyfish medical findings. Reduced medicine side effects. Blog Post Title. Would you trust a machine to perform procedures? How will nano technology change modern medicine?

Discover The Future. Contact Us.NIKUNI, a Japanese company which has produced high quality equipment for various water related industries has developed a unique compact micro-bubble generator for use in dissolved air flotation systems, called the KTM.

The KTM has a highly precise and sophisticated pumping mechanism that can generate massive quantities of micro-bubbles by means of three hydro-dynamic principles:. The pressurized, air-enriched water is transferred into the bottom of the dissolved air flotation tank from where it makes a bubble sparkling formation, spreading and rising up to the water surface pulling fine material, oils, fats, fibres and more with it to form a sludge mat.

This mat is then skimmed. Toggle navigation. The KTM has a highly precise and sophisticated pumping mechanism that can generate massive quantities of micro-bubbles by means of three hydro-dynamic principles: Negative pressure sucking both air and water simultaneously from each port Air is effectively transferred to the water Pressurized, air-enriched water is discharged The pressurized, air-enriched water is transferred into the bottom of the dissolved air flotation tank from where it makes a bubble sparkling formation, spreading and rising up to the water surface pulling fine material, oils, fats, fibres and more with it to form a sludge mat.

Features for DAF Applications High rate of suspended solids removal Supplying a highly dense Microbubble output Highly consistent dissolved air flotation Fine adjustments not necessary when operation or start up Easily retrofit to pre-existing systems Small installation footprint Minimum power consumption Low power required for KTM no compressor required Easy maintenance and minimum operational cost Compact and simple pump structure Quiet operation No compressor, level controls, saturation tank required.

Design flexibility Very large range of sizes and materials to fit perfectly with end-user requirements. Innovative The system is much smaller, simpler, yet much higher performing compared to conventional systems. Quik Links. Contact Us. Follow On Facebook. Mass Global. No air compressor saves energy, reduces noise, no compressor oil contamination into DAF flow. No large dissolving tank No static diffuser. One time system setup and simple control No level control End-users can allocate skilled staff resources to other activities.

The system is much smaller, simpler, yet much higher performing compared to conventional systems.There are no moving parts. In low pressure mode this device can saturate gallons of fluid. See low pressure operation below.

One end produces MicroBubbles and the other produces Liquid Film.

micro bubble diffuser

Both of these mixture technologies ease the transfer of gas in and out of the water. Easing this transfer matters, this is how your hydroponic fluid gets Oxygenated. The difference between the bubble types can be seen in the following diagram.

You know liquid thin film as the "foam" on top of a mug of beer or as the "bubbles" you may have blown with a wand as a child. LTF is actually a thin film of fluid wrapped around a pocket of gas The device is plumbed in line with a 50 psi pump and the "mushroom" thin film top is removed.

There are no moving parts all energy and equipment motion is derrived from the water pump - no air pump is used while in HPM. See high pressure operation below.

Microbubbles and Nanobubbles are simply small bubbles. Micro Bubbles and Nano Bubbles are good for plants for two reasons:. MicroBubbles have more Surface Area for a given volume of air vs. This greater Surface Area increases the amount of Oxygen that can be transfered into the Water before the bubble is gone.

MicroBubbles also stay in suspension longer before they pop, also allowing for increased saturation.

MicroBubbles have an Ionic Charge. Nutrient Film is really water wrapped around gas, in stead of gas in water. You see nutrient film when you see water boil or when you see soap foam.


The bulbed housing on the OxyDoser Air forces all of the fluid that escapes from that and of the unit to go through the Liquid Film process. This Liquid Film has increadibly high Surface Area relative to volume of fluid and is even better at producing Oxygen saturation than MicroBubbles, but does not produce Bubbles with an Ionic Charge.

This is why we coupled the two halves into one great oxygen producing device! Air Stones:. Large Capacity - approximately gallons of full Oxygen Saturation can be achieved with one unit.

nano bubble generator

CO2 is for the leaves, not the roots. This reduces the burden on fans and cooling devices. The unit will pay for itself in less than 2 years on power consumption alone. New Products. MasterGrower OxyDoser. Increased Oxygen Saturation resulting in more root growth, thus increasing Yeilds.

Increased Oxygen Saturation resulting in less pathogens such as root rot.

The varied Micro Bubble Generator

No Air Compressor Noise, you only hear water flowing. Flowing water from device serves to mix and evenly distribute Oxygen Saturated Fluid. Way cooler to talk about at Cocktail Parties. Powered By: CoreCommerce 9.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Environment Water Treatment. Machinery Aquaculture Machine Aerators. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship.

BusinessType China nano bubble. Contact Supplier. Beverage food industry sintered medical grade L stainless steel micro bubble nano oxygen generator diffuser. Our nano bubble generator can replace the current domestic high-pressure decompression dissolved foaming of fine bubbles, and part of the aeration equipment.

Established inHolly Technology is a domestic forerunner in producing environmental equipments and parts used for sewage treatment. Micro bubble generator for aquaculture cultivation, pond aeration waste water treatment. Hydrogen water and china oxygen Micro Nano Bubble Generator. China water nano bubble generator diffuser micro bubbles.

carmin micro bubbler

China factory ater treatment nano air stone fine bubble diffuse. Stainless steel powder sintered air stone 0. Cavitation Aerator Machine used micro nano bubble generator. For fish pond reducer cm float nano bubble for aquaculture 4 spline gearbox fish pond aerator. China factory natural zeolite price spring water nano bubble.

White Alkaline Stone is made of natural Maifan Stone Powder and pearl powder and other natural mineral materials by submicron technology. The formula was confidential and our founder Xia Lee devoted herself to inventing ceramic balls making similar Nordenau water. In the next few years, we invented hydrogen water ceramic ball, microprous anti bacteria ceramic balls, pearl calcium ceramic balls, hydrogen water ceramic balls and Silicic Acid Alkaline Water Ceramic Ball.

For fish pond speed reducer cm float nano bubble for aquaculture 4 spline gearbox fish pond aerator machine. Micro bubble system microsilk in water treatment. Hot sell fine NANO bubble tube air diffuser for water treatment. The suction inlet of the pump can suck gas by negative pressure, so it is not needed to use gas compressor of gas jet.

The quickly rotating impeller mix the gas and the liquid, so mixer is not needed. Our ozone generators series have been sold to over 20 countries in the world. Micro bubble diffuser microporous aeration tube for aquaculture.

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