Division 2 echo locations

ECHOs are holographic reconstructions created by the ISAC system by using audio-video recordings from local security and communication feeds. They provide a 3D snapshot of some of the events that transpired in the chaos of the lockdown of Manhattan. Be it riots in the streets, people coming together and helping on another, tracking someone down, or getting intel on your enemies, Evidence Correlation Holographic Overlay, or ECHO for short, serve as a way to relive events that you weren't around for through the manipulation of different surveillance devices when paired up with your Shade Technology in The Division.

Below are links to all the ECHO categories. Head west and into the first alley to the north on 47th St. You'll come across a ladder as you make your way back there. Climb up it and the one it leads to and you'll find the ECHO on that roof. It's at the south-east corner of 8th Ave and 33rd St.

It is located at the bottom of the stairs right at the beginning. This ECHO is found down 8th Ave, between 24th and 23rd street, among some large supply trucks that were the target of looting and rioting.

The ECHO itself is in the control room. It is on an upper floor and is located in a mandatory part of the mission. Between 47th and 46th St along 3rd Ave, there is an alley on the east side.

The ECHO is in there right near the street. Enter the building at the south-eastern corner of 36th St and Park Ave and go up to the second floor. This ECHO is in a bloody room on the second floor. West of Park Ave along 23rd St is a sort of burial site for infected dead.


In that alcove is this ECHO. Once underground, you'll find this ECHO behind the subway gates. Starting from the intersection of 9th Ave and 42nd St, head west along 42nd until you reach a clinic on the north side not far from the intersection, only about 40 metres. Head in and into a back examination room to find this ECHO. There's a police station along 55th St and 53rd to the west of 8th Ave which can be access by two sets of twin wooden doors on 55th or from the main entrance on 53rd.

Inside is this ECHO. Head west from Broadway along 46th St until you see a parking garage on the southern side. Go inside and you'll find this ECHO near a police car.If you want the most leveled-up Agent, you'll need to find them all. Enter this tall building, and you'll see a closed metal door off to the right that can be forced open. Do so, and take the rapel up. Straight ahead you'll see this yellow fuse box in the distance.

division 2 echo locations

Shoot it. Go through the white open double doors to your left, and you'll see the Tech Cache sitting on a table. At the Kerman Coffee building, climb up the stairs and go straight. You'll see this ledge with a dangling tarp. Drop down, and ahead you'll see another ledge with a tarp on it. Climb up, drop down and keep going straight from here. The cache is by a body near the Koby's sign.

division 2 echo locations

Enter the front of the building, and you'll see a bottle in the area off to the right in this screenshot. When you do, this drops a rope behind this nearby gate. Climb up, and you'll find an SHD Cache on the roof. You'll see this ladder to climb. Climb up, and you'll see a bottle above you to shoot.

Climb up the rope that drops, hop across the air vents ahead, vault over the ledge and you'll see the Tech Cache near some solar panels. Climb up the ledge near the big, colored tarp, and there will be a bottle to shoot above you to your right. Climb up the rope, walk past the patio furniture and climb up the big box ahead of you.

Drop down into this area. Remember to mark these five locations so you can come back to them later when the caches respawn.Unlike traditional collectibles these are not simply located at fixed positions or picked up. Instead, they are all dropped by unique named enemies with yellow health bars in the game.

This guide will show you the best farming method to get all cards reliably. These cards are exclusively dropped by named enemies with yellow health bars that can only spawn in the open world not in missions or dark zone.

There is no way to find these as collectible pickups, they are all dropped by the named enemies with yellow health. What makes this a bit annoying is that only 1 named enemy can spawn every 30 minutes real time.

Furthermore, if you die during an encounter with such an enemy they disappear and it takes another 30 minutes for a new named enemy to spawn.

The Division All Crashed Drones Locations l Droning on Trophy / Achievement

Now the good news is that they can all be farmed at the same spot. Every 30 minutes a new named enemy will spawn in the same place. In total you have 52 potential cards. During the endgame after the story they will always spawn in the same spot every 30 minutes.

During the story they have a low spawn chance. Please note that you cannot farm both at the same time. If you killed a named enemy no more can spawn on the entire map for 30 minutes. Just stick to one spot to keep it simple. This should be your go-to spot until you unlock fast travel to the District Union Arena Stronghold. In the early game the enemies have a lower spawn chance, after the story they will always be there.

Farming Spot 2 — Courtyard south of District Union Arena Stronghold: This one is just a few steps away from the Union Arena Stronghold, which you can fast travel to after having beaten it. You go to the Stronghold at the end of the story so this is better reserved for the endgame. Once you have the stronghold done you can fast travel to it after the story it gets retaken by enemies and you must capture it again. This takes less walking than going from the White House to our first spot.

To reduce the grind, it is recommended that after every main mission you head to the farming spot near the white house, kill the yellow health bar enemy there with a name above their head.

Then quickly run over their dropped loot the collect the card. With this strategy you will get lots of cards between missions. You can also set an alarm clock for every 30 minutes.

Simply fast travel back to the White House after 30 minutes have passed and run back to the farming spot. Rinse and repeat. Missions tend to last minutes. If that takes you out of the experience too much you can just leave the game running and grab a card every 30 minutes.

That first area is not working for me at all. I can confirm that the first area only started spawning once I achieved Tier 1. I checked multiple times before and they never spawned, once I hit WT1 I fast traveled to the White House and found them exactly as described.According to the game's executive producer, the ECHO system has multiple functions. For one, it functions as a story mechanic: an alternative to cutscenes; scenes frozen in time fill the player in on events that have occurred in the city streets, underground, and environment.

ECHO also acts as a way for players to learn about the environment, gather info on locations and objects, find hidden loot and passageways, and generally map out the immediate surroundings.

division 2 echo locations

This tab shows character progression and attributes. It displays the player's level, Experience Points, weapons equipped, Archetype attributes, Power Score, and progression. The Power Score is also separated into three parts. Attack, Protection, and Vitality. The scores for each of these are made up of different parts such as burn resilience, minimum damage, and armor rating.

The Group tab contains the type of group you are in open, friends, private and members of your current group. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

This page is about the technology. The system also has a role in the game's "Missing Person" missions. The ECHO is also a way to access the menu. Categories :.New York hunters are new hidden bosses in The Division 2. Each one is hidden behind a series of tasks. Go inside, and through the door on the right. Look for a washing machine with the number 23 on it in the middle section. Interact with it, and the power will go out. Go around the building until you find a yellow container.

Use it to jump over the wall, then scale the opposite wall as well. Look for a yellow fuse box high up on the wall on the left — shoot it, then go back over the wall.

Go inside and hug the left wall until you reach a big blue fuse box.

All World ECHOs Locations Guide | The Division 2 - The Division 2 - Collectibles Guides

Interact with it to get a new fuse. Now you need to go back to the laundromat. Install the fuse into the box on the wall on the left, then interact with washing machine 23 again. Go up the stairs and into said apartment, then interact with the cryptic numbers on the wall. The numbers point towards another apartment, this time in a building near Columbus Park.

Go to the street north of the park, and look for a clothing shop with a yellow banner above the storefront. Go into the alley next to it, then look up and shoot the sand bag. Climb the rope, then go down the ladder. Cross the planks to the roofs on the other side of the alley, then follow them to the fire escape. Go up and jump over the railing, onto the terrace. Look over your shoulder, up and to the left, and shoot the yellow box on the building with the blackened windows.

Go through the door it opens and follow the corridor. Interact with the body. Interact with it, and a pair of fresh new level 40 hunters will appear in order to rend you to shreds. You can start hunting him by going to the Memorial Plaza, the little square with many flag poles north of the Waterfront control point.

'Division 2' Two Bridges SHD Tech Locations - All 5 Caches on the Map

Look for a tiny yellow generator on the south side of the square and interact with it. Afterwards, go to the Waterfront control point and clear it. Head into the supply room on the first floor the white double door and go down the stairs to the shore. Pick it up. For the next step, you should head over to the eastern part of the waterfront — more specifically, to Pier The third flag is on the building across the street from Celebration Hotel, another control point.

Then go around it and climb up until you reach a gate with a mesh fence and barbed wire. The fourth flag is in a construction yard a bit northeast from the safe house in the area.The Division 2 's version of Washington, D. While the casual player may wander and run into many of these items unintentionally, one fan has made an impressive interactive map that allows players to plan, find, and track virtually every single point of interest on The Division 2 's map.

The Division 2 interactive map

The interactive map can be found at www. It's easy to select and deselect points of interest from the site's sidebar, which instantly shows or hides exactly what players may want to see. There is a ton of potential for players to use this tool as they move through the game. Whether they are looking to farm Titanium for craftingfocus on getting SHD Tech, or discovering narrative items like Echoes and Comms, they can all be found on this map.

Outside of items to loot and collect, the map also identifies Easter eggs, airdrops that deliver cosmetic items, and Hunters that are the source of the game's 12 hidden Hunter masks. If users decide to register on the site and create a profile, they can mark the items and locations they have already found in The Division 2 's version of Washington, D.

For those who prefer a mobile device instead of accessing the site through a computer or a mobile browser, the map also exists as an app for both iOS and Android with the same capabilities. While players can do just fine without this extra help—in fact, some may genuinely enjoy going into The Division 2 blind and finding everything for themselves—this map could be very helpful for players searching for specific points of interest.

Source: division2map. By Weston Albert Mar 22, Share Share Tweet Email 0.Echoes are collectible items in The Division 2 which can be found all over the massive map, but it can be a bit difficult to locate them, the echoes in The Division 2 can be rebuilt to show you the agent what transpired at the very place that caused mayhem and anarchy in the game. Echoes help build up the story and give a very complete picture of how and why things happened.

This guide will show you where to locate all the echoes in The Division 2. To find the echo you will need to go to the main entrance of the White House and enter the corridor from the right, you will need to then proceed further up the stairs onto your left and when you get to the top enter the door to the right which will lead you to the exit.

Once there take any gate that leads you out to Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The echo can be found in the middle of the ground behind the White House. Once you get here, walk towards the east till you see two lampposts, the echo will be just ahead. Pennsylvania Ave NW There is another echo, located on the second Pennsylvania Ave, you will need to find the intersection between Pennsylvania Ave NW and 13th St NW, and head east on the same road till you see a giant building on the left side.

The echo is located in the doorway. Find the intersection between 15th St NW and G St NW on the map, once there find a bistro on the southeast corner with a green canvas-like cover to provide shade. You will find the echo inside. Keep walking towards east from there and you will find the echo in the middle of the road. These are the locations of the echo in The Division 2 and make sure you check out other guides as well. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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