Hoodoo money jar

When possible I prefer to use a jar or container when doing a job or working a spell as new age folks call it. By working this way you can set a candle right on top of the jar. The tea light also gets hotter than the taper. Once the tea light starts burning the little tin cup that is holding the candle gets very hot.

This in turn heats up your Work spell. You can work the jar to give the spell more power; by this I mean shake the jar before and after every candle burning. It really just depends on the type of work I'm doing.

The Jar or container spell is great for long term work.

hoodoo money jar

The more you work the jar and burn on the jar the strong the work becomes. I call this working the jar.

hoodoo money jar

There is no limit to their uses. I want to clear something up here about the Honey Jar's for money and work. Some have stated that a honey jar is ONLY used on people. I'm sorry but this is not true. I know for a fact that people in the 50's and 60's did sweetening work for money. What is new age is the use of honey in sweetening works. This was started by a woman in California who has the largest hoodoo website on line. Honey crystallizes and therefore the work stops.

In the ole days the elders couldn't afford honey, I have never heard anyone say I'm gonna sop my biscuit in some honey! Look at the culture and how folks had to live before you go falling for all this new age internet make believe! I remember this because I always wanted some of that money out of that bowl, so I could buy me some Mary Jane candy at the store.

I think I asked her everyday, and every time I got the same answer "No you can't have that money because that sugar and money help sweeten life". I have never forgotten that nor will I ever forget it. So if the sugar can be used to sweeten why can't honey be used. Everything that is placed in those jars will draw money to you.

I'm a professional worker and teacher so wouldn't my honey jar that I made have my petition in it to draw and make new clients and students sweeten towards me. Is this not drawing real money hacks sweetening my money?

I just felt like I needed to clear this up.This yummy money sweet jar is made with good old fashioned sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, and sweet rum. It also uses herbs like peppermint, basil, sassafras, and tobacco to draw powerful financial blessings to you. It is fully customized for your specific prosperity goals with a unique petition and personalized prayers.

This jar is worked for 7 or 10 days. When it is done it is buried in blessed ground to seal the magic and ensure lasting blessing keep flowing to both you and your wallet.

Sweetens and transforms your financial and prosperity situation, helps obtain larger financial goals and blessings. Money Sweet Jar quantity.

hoodoo money jar

Description Additional information Description Strength Level: What it Does: Sweetens and transforms your financial and prosperity situation, helps obtain larger financial goals and blessings Good for: Starting a business Improving long-term sales, salary, or commission Helping with major purchases like a home or other property Increasing and protecting wealth and financial good luck Bringing in a life of luxury and ease Description: This yummy money sweet jar is made with good old fashioned sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, and sweet rum.

Includes: 7-day or day candle working Photos Full candle reading report One follow-up question about the report. Additional information Spell Length 7-day working, day working.

Choose an option 7-day working day working Clear.The sweeteners used in these spells vary by historical era, region of the country, commercial or home-made availability, family traditions, local traditions, and intuitive decisions. Just in African American conjure alone, without regard to other forms of folk magic found around the world -- white sugar, brown sugar, sugar cubes, powdered sugar, karo syrup, brer rabbit molasses, cane molasses, sorghum syrup, sweetened water, sweetened whiskey, honey, crystal syrup, log cabin maple syrup in the house-shaped canmrs butterworth's pancake syrup in the lady-shaped bottledixie pancake syrup, aunt jemima's pancake syrup, agave syrup, jam, jelly, sweet chewing gum, candy bars, hard candies, sugar heart candies, chocolate truffle candies, butterscotch candies dissolved in sweet tea, lollipops, popsicles, sweet-n-low, equal, splenda, mannitol "milk sugar"dextrose powder, dextrose candies, and more -- -- all of these have been used, and are still used, in sweetening spells, either singly or mixed ith one another.

Sweetening spells have been and are still often worked inside containers -- boxes, bottles, canning jars, small food jars, hollowed red onions, cored red apples, covered sugar bowls, under plants in pots, under the roots of plants in the ground, wrapped in tin foil, wrapped in paper, within a layer of enrobing chocolate, in a wallet, in a purse, in a pocket, in a mojo hand, in the shoes -- but, although sugar and honey spells are some of the oldest forms of bottle spell in the world, not all of them are worked in bottles or other containers; in fact, they have been and still are often worked out loose -- on dinner plates, in tea or coffee cups, in open bowls, on saucers, in pie tins, on cookie sheets, sprinkled on candles, sprinkled on altars, sprinkled in baths, sprinkled on the floor or the ground -- both with or without the additional use of candleswith or without added herbs or mineralswith or without added powders or dusts or incense.

There are so many variations to sweetening spells that i call the whole lot of them a "spell family. You will see resemblances that can be noted, and you will see differences as well. Do not let anyone tell you that some variations are "valid" while others are not. These spells are so ancient and so widespread that if you understand the family resemblances, you will soon come to see that a touch of menstrual blood on a fresh strawberry that has been dipped and covered with a hard chocolate coating is not all that far from the name paper of a bankruptcy court judge that is kept in a half-pint mason jar full of sugar cubes with a tea light on top or the business card of a boss that is folded inside a piece of aluminum foil with a sprinkle of sugar and kept in a wallet or worn in a shoe.

The petition is for sweetness. The social form of sweetness desired, from whom it is desired, and how that desire is worked into a physical spell to be conveyed to influence the minds and hearts of others are the variables. But really, when you look at them, these spells are not so much different as they are similar. Modern folks have taken to calling the whole family of sweetener spells "honey jar" and "sugar bowl" spells, placing an emphasis on the fact that many of them are worked in closed containers jars and bowlsbut in the oldest version of these spells that i know, there is actually no jar or bowl, just a plain white tea cup saucer or coffee cup saucer in the center of which you burn a candle on the person's name, dressed with hoodoo oils and surrounded by a poured-out ring of pancake syrup, honey, or molasses.

This old-fashioned method has the disadvantage of eventually drawing flies or ants, but it is extremely easy to work on a short-term basis, say for one to three days.

Be careful, though, if the candle burns too hot, it may crack your saucer. Another early version of the these sweetening spells is a container spell, but not actually a bottle spell as we think of them today. It employs a hollowed-out red apple or red onion to hold honey, jam, or sugar, plus the name-paper of the person on whom you are working. The apple or onion may be shut up in a metal tin, such as a coffee or honey can, and a candle burned on the tin's lid -- or it can be placed in the bottom of a flower pot, with a plant grown on top of it to hide the spell.

The plant takes the place of candlebut it radiates the intent of the spell just the same. It can be given as a gift to the person on whom you are working, and can spread its sweetness throughout their home. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as packaged sugar, honey, syrup, and liquid sweeteners became available from grocery stores, another variant of this spell was developed that employed a one-pound box of sugar. You cut off the top of the box, put the name in, stick a candle in the sugar, and burn it.


After the candle is finished, you remove the remnant wax from the sugar and bury it. The advantage to this method is that after you finish the spell, you can use the sugar in cooking, to sweeten the person on whom you are working. The disadvantage is that you need to be careful not to catch the chipboard box on fire -- a small, skinny candle will solve that problem. A similar effect can be obtained by working the spell in a sugar bowl, either with granular sugar or with sugar cubes.

Jams and jellies are also used this way: you can stir some edible love herbs in when making them at home, or you can pray over and prepare commercial jams or jellies in the same way for use at the table in spells of domestic love. You can also take into consideration the type of fruit from which the jam or jelly is made: rose petal and strawberry jam for sexual love, orange marmalade for cleanliness and marriage, fig preserves for female fertility.

Because it is a common magical practice to combine or mix several ingredients together when making a spell, the era of packaged sweeteners also brought us the idea of double- and-triple-strength sweetening spells, made by pouring honey into sugar or mingling mollasses, honey, and sugar together for extra "oomph.

These "contained" forms of hoodoo spell casting are often employed when you want to set up a powerful sweetening spell in a small place and keep it working for as long as you wish. Spells worked in jars are extremely convenient and one reason for their continued popularity is that although they can be worked on an altar like other forms of bottle spellthey can also be literally hidden in plain sight in a kitchen cabinet.Like Liked by 1 person.

Hi there! I am happy that you like it. I was thinking about doing a video on it. I just wasnt sure but now that you have asked, I absolutely will. I appreciate your interest. Like Like. At long last a video is up on YouTube! Thanks for the request. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think! I love how you teach about the honey jar, instructions, knowledge about it and the process compared to others out there. My grandmother had a molasses jar that recalled seeing through the years but I was really too young to ask about it before she passed away.

Yours has been the only one that resonates w me. Which is the proper way to determine how long to keep it before you dispose it? I rather ask you bc I really feel your knowledgeable and experienced beyond others.

Hi Beautiful! Thank you this aweaome comment. Thanks for sharing. As far as how long to keep the jar goes, I say indefinitely. I have many honey jars linning my dresser and mantle.

Making A Honey Jar To Attract Money! 🍯 🤑

I like to look upon them as the years pass to recognize how things have manifested in mine and the lives of thoses I have blessed with the jar. Thats how I roll. I think its an individual thing and shouldnt affect the outcome of your workings.

Remember though, if the work you are doing is protection spell work and has any element of malevolence then I suggest burying it after the work is complete. I hope I answered your question. Thank you again! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.In this special post, resident monthly blogger Allorah Rayne shares with readers one of the most powerful and versatile Hoodoo jar spells: the black jar. Two basic kinds of workings which exist in every system of magick include those for cleansing and those for protection.

The Black Jar is rooted in Hoodoo practice but is an amalgamation from various sources and acts both as cleansing and protection. The purpose of Hoodoo is to give power to the powerless. The Black Jar is useful in reclaiming personal power in situations where it is unjustly taken.

The Black Jar is a versatile Hoodoo jar spell and is great to have around the house. Its uses include: cleansing of a person or a space, aiding in the easement of physical, mental, and emotional ailments, absorbing negative energy, blocking jinxes, hexes, and curses, clearing past life contracts, and banishing entities.

This working is not my creation but was something I learned at a workshop in The Black Jar is a Hoodoo jar spell that can work for anything from calming a bully at the office to clearing unwanted spirits from your home to just providing a negative energy filter in the home.

What I really love about this working is that you can immediately feel it begin to work as soon as you light the activation candle. Allorah Rayne is a practitioner of amnestic witchcraft and has been part of the online spiritual community since Her introduction to Tarot was the age of nine and she pursued more intensive learning at fifteen.

Miscellaneous Spells April 4, The Black Jar Two basic kinds of workings which exist in every system of magick include those for cleansing and those for protection. Write a petition specifying what you want the black jar to do. If you want to make it more personal, feel free to write your name, symbol of power, sigil or applicable psalm on the jar.

I recommend if you do this you make the markings with a non-permanent marker. Fill the jar three-quarters of the way full with water. Fill the rest of the jar with ammonium hydroxide. Place the magnet in the jar. If you have a large jar, depending on the size of your magnets, you may want to use two. Place the silver dime in the jar. Empty activated charcoal capsule into the jar. Again, if your jar is over-sized you may want to use two capsules. Place the lid on the jar and gently rock the jar to mix well.

Put the jar in the space in which you want to keep it. Some practitioners keep black jars around the perimeter of their home in the corners of the house as a protective or cleansing maintenance magick. Once you have it in a set space, place your petition under the jar. Place your hands on the jar and send what is on the petition into the jar with a focused intention.

This activates the jar. You should feel the jar start to work instantly. Continue to meditate on the flame of the candle for as long as you feel you need to for your intention to be infused into the working.

Once the candle is finished burning, leave the jar where it is. When the activated charcoal either sinks to the bottom or floats to the top, the jar is finished.When we realize that money is not an object, but an energythen we can really start working our magic.

The best money magic spell is generosity. Simply the act of sharing what you have—especially when you have little—will generate financial energy that must karmically return to you. The sages teach that there is no difference between yourself and another, that we are all one, different fingers on the same hand. So giving to another is the same as giving to yourself, not because of a future karmic reward, but because giver and receiver are one.

Just generously giving what you can will effectively bring money back your way. Something as small as offering a homeless person change, or handsomely tipping the cab driver.

These small acts inform the universe that you are a giver, an active participant in the circle of sharing, so the universe will continue to share with you.

So start by being more generous. No matter how generous you already think you are, if you are having money problems, then generosity is the perfect place to start solving those problems. Give what you give to whomever you want as an offering of gratitude to the forces that have birthed and sustained you thus far.

Remember and feel some gratitude. The more gratitude you cultivate, the more your world will give you blessings to be grateful for. But sometimes, you need to bring out the big guns. Whether foreclosure is looming, job prospects are dim, or credit card debt is piling up, sometimes you need some divine intervention.

There are two ways magic can help. First, you should absolutely perform spells, ceremonies and rituals intended to affect you personally. Perhaps to make you more charming, articulate and commanding in order to land a job. Spells meant to enhance your own qualities are an excellent way to boost your luck.

Light a green candle, visualize what it feels like to have your dream job, and then burn the writing. Second, you can consider casting a spell meant to affect the outer world and bring you more wealth. Start by casting a spell on yourself and your own qualities so that you can resolve the issue directly. But when all else fails, you can try this method instead:. You might need to take several walks. You can dress it by adding a combination of these common household herbs: cinnamon, thyme, basil, cloves and ginger.

You can pick a few or just one, whatever you have on hand. On the dirt above it, draw a pentagram with the top point to the west. You can collect the dirt from outside or a small packet of soil. You could also use sand from the beach or fill it up with rocks. Dress the dirt with the same herbs mentioned above. Seal the jar with a green candle, do your meditation, and then you can leave the spell on your altar.

When the spell is no longer relevant, you should still take it out somewhere in nature and bury it, drawing a westward facing pentagram on the soil above. This act seals your spell, planting a seed of wealth that will grow over time.

Try the money spell to boost your finances, level up your career, or to bail you out of tough times. Remember to start by first casting the twin spells of gratitude and generosity.

Money Magic: the Money Jar Spell

Then attempt spells directed at improving yourself and enhancing your innate talents. Finally, reach to the Money Jar spell when nothing else does the trick.This sweetening jar is made to sweeten and draw money to you.

I really prefer syrup or sugar to honey for sweetening work but this is a money jar and honey preserves. These jars work really well if you work them at least once a week, ideally every day would be better. To make this jar you need a small jar, make sure you cleanse the jar before you began your work with.

Write your petition out on a piece of parchment paper, cover the petition with the prayer "the Lord is my Sheppard I shall not want" across your petition.

hoodoo money jar

Dust your petition with the hoodoo powder then place it in the jar along with your personal concerns. Then you can add a few drops of money drawing oil and your pay me oil, then you add you other ingredients. The mercury dime is added for protection and you can name your lodestone money or prosperity. Once you have everything in your jar pray over it and add your honey.

Close the jar then set it up in a cross roads set up with four green candles. Shake the jar daily and pray your petition. After the candles burn out to keep the jar going you can burn tea lights on top of your honey money jar. This is classic hoodoo at its best. Petition Paper Personal Concerns. High John To Remove all obstacles. Alkanet Root to protect the money. Job Sweetening Jar.